Planning and Coordination

Plan with Us – to find the perfect shoe for your foot 

Wedding with a View is your multi-tasking personal assistant since designing, planning,  conceiving contriving, planning, carry out, accomplish and achieve your most wonderful day.. your wedding your event.

A destination wedding needs to watched over and needs on-site attention and expertise. Wedding with a view is your special assistant on site. We will help you in all the steps from day one throughout all details and not only. Our experts and professionals will be there capable of offering you what you really need with a multiple suggestions and resolutions.

Wedding with a view will be by your side throughout all the choices and will guide you in a Country with endless possibilities as to help you achieve the best from your budget, ideas and aspirations.

Wedding with a view offers a multitude of service possibilities for you to choose from since ouor planners will be at your disposal in finding the perfect location, planning the style ans atmosphere, planning the setup of flower arrangements and reception, the music and the gifting. And all activities related to your special stay and the stay of your guests

We are surly capable of being by your side even if you have already selected an booked some services or the location before contacting us. Wedding with a view is there for all Planning requested and the coordination needed, before the event, on the day of the event and also after. Planning your event wedding and your stay in Italy at its best is our aim. We sure are your onsite reliable team as we personally know and test all our partners before proposing them and have knowledge of what our Fabulous Italy has to offer.


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