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Congratualtions for your Engagement! 

Now loads of questions will start to pop up every minute…. especially since you are planning a destination wedding to beautiful Italy. Here below are the most common questions and answers we have come across. If your question, concern or anything else is not mentioned please contact our Planners. Our Professionals will be more than happy to answer all your concerns and help and guide you through this incerdible adventure.


I suggest hiring a planner, It's vital to enlist help when planning a wedding away. They know more on best places to get married and any legal matters you may run into. In addition to having vendor contacts and advising your guests on travel matters, a planner will relieve you of tons of stress Or at least a coordinator for The day – you’ll sure want to enjoy it from beginning to end The key is getting some assistance!!

accessibility, climate and affordability. After considering these factors, most couples choose a setting that is special to them. Remember to listen to your feelings and impressions!

A planner is surely your saving agent! We surely reccomend that you come visit as per select the venue, in this visit we will have you a small feeling, tasting and selection of all your selected services.as then have

Guests know they're responsible for their own airfare and hotel accommodations. However, you should plan to foot the bill for the reception, any planned activities you're hosting and transportation to and from your nuptials.

: Keep in mind that your guests have traveled to celebrate with you, so sending them off is a nice touch. You don't need to escort everyone to the airport, but most couples host an informal good-bye event, such as a post-wedding brunch, as a way of saying thanks one last time. Plus, you'll want to give yourselves at a little to regroup and repack. Further you are on a destination wedding you’ll want to take advantage of you trip. We will surely help you plan your activities and honeymoon.

If you wish a real stress free wedding in Italy, where every detail is taken care of professionally and is being tailor sized to your likes. Your dreams with us are reflected into reality by professional wedding planners directly in Italy.

- Professional wedding Planners, Professional Travel planners, Activity Team available 24/7. Fluent English speaking based in Italy.
- Every wedding is to be Unique ! this is why we create within your budget the best solutions for your perfect wedding.
- Each Bride needs to Dream her perfect wedding day…….WE make it happen.

Need Advice on location, venues, settings, ceremonies, documents, budget .....