Symbolic Ceremony Wedding Package


Wedding with a View is honored to help you in organizing your symbolic ceremony wedding. The fact that no legal  requirements are involved, no documents need to be provided and as a legal consequence, no valid wedding certificate will be issued, does not mean that  you will not cherish in your hart forever and ever every single little moment of the ceremony that you have decide to share with your family members or that we have created just for the two of you.

This will allow you to be free to organize your symbolic ceremony wedding how you prefer with all your personal touches and personal toughs. Your souls will be touched and you will share this special moment with the person you love the most.

A Celebrant-led symbolic ceremony wedding is also a perfect option for multi-faith/inter-faith couples who would like to acknowledge one or more religious backgrounds but for whom a fully religious service is not possible and for which a civil secular marriage couldn’t cater.

A few special options can personalize your symbolic ceremony wedding, and make it extraordinary.  Symbolic ceremony weddingacts are very moving and can add a lot to a wedding.

Here are just some ideas for you symbolic ceremony wedding:  Sand ceremony – Candle ceremony  – Ribbon ritual – Box Ritual – Rose Ceremony – Jumping of the Broom Ceremony – Releasing of Doves.

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